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AUTOMOTIVE ILLUSTRATION. Full cutaways of generic cars, trucks SUV's engines, transmissions, braking systems, cutaway parts, diagrams, charts and suspensions in both line art and full color.

cutaway car

ARCHITECTURAL ILLUSTRATION. Cutaway illustrations of buildings. Blueprint style to realistic rendering.

medical building

ROYAL CARIBBEAN ILLUSTRATION. Cutaway illustration of Royal Caribbean Ships. Part of a series of cutaway illustrations. Close ups of interior features. Seven ships in the series.

oasis of the seas

INFOGRAPHIC ILLUSTRATION. A series of illustrations for Exxon/Mobil covering multiple industries.

infographic illustration

MAP ILLUSTRATION. Migration map for the Platte River Conservation Association. Various maps and charts in several different style.


Map illustration


A CAR SHOWING DIFFERENT SYSTEMS. A cutaway car showing all the different operating systems, Suspensions, Drivelines, Operating systems, SRS, IMA etc



electric vehicle
PRODUCT ILLUSTRATION. Product illustrations showing the design through completion. Cutaway products, ghosted product illustration and realistic illustrations. sumo irons
CONCEPT ILLUSTRATION. Dashboard concept illustration for Ford. Various concept illustrations from the auto industry, product development industry and others. dashboard concept

Beau and Alan Daniels create cutaway, ghosted and phantom view illustrations: Blueprint, watercolor, photorealistic, pencil, pen and ink, air brush, black and white line art, and mechanical illustrations.

We provide: cutaway technical automotive illustration, architectural illustration, architectural rendering, technical illustration , medical illustration, Flash animation, info graphic and map illustration. Stock automotive images available, including cutaway engines, transmissions, suspensions, ghosted vehicles, cutaway vehicles, photorealistic renderings, line art, interiors, sectional automotive views, and exploded technical images.

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