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A series of illustrations for Restoration Hardware, an ongoing project over the past few year. Simple technical illustration with a hand draw feel. Old school style technical illustrations. Simple illustrations that are fun to do. Packaging illustration.
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Shoe light, flashing attachment for running shoesShoe light

Bicycle lights drawing.Bicycle handelbar lights

Screw driver tool.Screw driver tool

Firestarter shoelaces drawingfirestarter laces

Ball speaker drawingBall speaker

Folding bar tool drawing.Bar folding tool

Go anywhere multi tool key ring drawingGo anywhere multi tool keyring.

Head lamp illustrationHeadlamp

Safety glassesSafety glasses

Money clip multi tool.Money clip multi tool.

Key chain monocular drawing.Monocular drawing


Multi tool illustration.Another multi tool.
Yet another multi tool illustration.More multi tools Night cableNight cable
Cup clip illustration.Cuo clip. Ice cube drawings.Ice cube drawings
Opera glasses.Opera glasses. Survival kit illustration.Survival kit illustration.
Old school tire pressure gauge.Old school tire pressure guage. Torch light drawing.torch light
Cork screw etc.Bootle opener cork screw. Whiskey wedge ice and glass illustration.Whskey wedge

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