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Progressive insurance wanted eight images of cars and dogs for an ad campaign for pet insurance when travelling in a car. It became so popular that they expanded the number and made a poster from it. Later they asked us to do a series of RV's and dogs as a banner for an auoto show. These cars and dogs were all painted in photoshop.

A 1969 Ford Mustang and a Dalmation, we later animated this image for a web banner.

A 1972 Ford Bronco and a Bloodhound

A 1949 Ford Woody and a Collie.

A 1960 Corvette and a Doberman

A 1980 Honda Accord and a retriever

A Cadillac STS and a Schnauzer

An El-Camino and a Bulldog

A Ford Fiesta and a Boxer.

An FJ Cruiser and a Mastiff

An F150 and an Akita

A Ford Escape and a St Bernard

A Honda Civic and a Beagle

A Honda Element and a Sheepdog.

A Hummer and an Alsatian.

A Volvo and a Husky.

A 2007 Lincoln and a Jack Russell.

A Jeep Commander and a Pointer.

A Landrover and a Rhodesian Ridgeback.

A MAzda and a Border Collie.

A Mazda and a Spaniel.

A Miata and a Tzu.

A 1966 Ford Fairlane and a Poodle.

A Prius and a Boston Terrier.

A Saab Convertable and an Airdale.

A scion and a Pug.

A Toyota Trecel and a Dachshund.

A Trans-Am and a basset Hound.

A Volvo S40 and a Greyhound.

A Jaguar and a weimaraner.

A Jeep Wrangler and a Yellow Labrador.

A Cab over RV.

A Coach style RV.

A Camper shell RV.

The line art for the RV's, There were some changes as the painting progressed.
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