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Exxon/Mobil wanted to update their infographics.. Below are some of the illustrations.

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Oil field overview.Oilfield overview

Onshore oil exploration info graphic.Onshore oil exploration
Injection molder machine.Injection moulder machine. Nuclear power plant info graphic.Nuclear power plant info graphic.
Coal power plant info graphic.Coal power plant info graphic. Rotary screw compressor info graphic.Rotary screw compressor info graphic.
Gas turbine power plant.Gas turbine power plant. Wood yard, paper production.Woodyard, paper production.
Pulp Mill, paper production.Pulp Mill, paper production. Chemical Recovery, paper and pulp.Chemical Recovery, paper and pulp.
Paper machine info graphic.Paper machine info graphic. Paper production overview info graphic.Paper production overview info graphic.
CHP power plant. Info graphic.CHP power plant. Landfill process, info graphic.Landfill process, info graphic.
NGGP info graphic.NGGC process info graphic. FPSO vessel info graphic illustration.FPSO vessel ino graphic illustration.
Injection molding plastic machine.Injection moulding plastic machine. Machine shop overview info graphic.Machine shop overview info graphic.
Bakery, food sector info graphic.Bakery, food sector info graphic. Dairy, food sector info graphic.Dairy, food sector info graphic.
Meat processing, food sector info graphic.Meat processing, food sector info graphic. Mineral mining, info graphic.Mineral mining, info graphic.
Hydraulic schematic, push stage.Hydarulic schematic, push stage. Cutaway electric motor.Cutaway electric motor.
Offshore oil exploration, info graphic.Offshore oil exploration, info graphic. Plastics production, info graphic.Plastics production, info graphic.
Materials handling .Iron and steel info graphic.Materials handling.Iron and steel info graphic. Hot side, Iron and steel info graphic.Hot side, Iron and steel info graphic.
Primary forming, Iron and steel info graphic.Primary forming, Iron and steel info graphic. Reciprocating compressor cutaway info graphic.Reciprocating compressor cutaway info graphic.
Single shaft turbine, info graphic.Single shaft turbine, info graphic. Wind turbine, cutaway info graphic illustration.Wind turbine, cutaway info graphic illustration.
CNC machine, cutaway illustration.CNC machine, cutaway illustration. Blow molder, plastics machine.Blow molder, plastics machine.
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