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Cutaway, and ghosted illustrations for both medical procedure and product.

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Cutaway dog, medical illustration.Cutaway dog, medical illustration.

Weightless, medical illustration.Weightless, medical illustration.
Essure medical proceedure,Essure medical proceedure, Alcon, eye instruments, medical illustration.Alcon, eye instruments, medical illustration.
MOA, medical illustration.MOA, medical illustration. Golf injury, medical illustration.Golf injury, medical illustration.
Alcon medical instruments.Alcon medical instruments. Ciba eye illustration.Ciba eye illustration.
Alsation skeleton illustration.Alsation skeleton illustration. Cat skeleton, medical illustration.Cat skeleton, medical illustration.
Hygeia dental tool, technical illustration.Hygeia dental tool, technical illustration. Breast biopsies, medical illustration.Breast biopsies, medical illustration.
Medical bridge, concept illustration.medical bridge, concept illustration. Ciba eye lens, medical illustration.Ciba eye lens, medical illustration.
Heart and stent, medical illustration.Heart and stent, medical illustration. Chest compression, medical illustration.Chest compression, medical illustration.
Cutaway cat, medical illustration.Cutaway cat, medical illustration. DNA strand, diagramatic illustration.DNA strand, diagramatic illustration.
Lumpectomy, medical illustration.Lumpectomy, medical illustration. Hair rejuvenation, technical illustration.HAir rejuvenation, technical illustration.
Alcon eye instrument.Alcon eye instrument. DNA chart, medical illustration.DNA chart, medical illustration.
Essure coils, technical illustration.Essure coils, technical illustration. Occular science, medical illustration.Occular science, medical illustration.
Health Forum, magazine cover.Health Forum, magazine cover. Essure medical proceedure.Essure medical proceedure.
Shoe sole, medical, techical illustration.Shoe sole, medical, techical illustration. Hand holding an essure coil.Hand holding an essure coil.
Hair folical, medical illustration.Hair folical, medical illustration. Heart, medical blueprint illustration.Heart, medical blueprint illustration.
Hand holding pills, medical illustration.Hand holding pills, medical illustration. Medical bridge, concept illustration.Medical brige, concept illustration.
Hobbit helper, editorial medical illustration.Hobbit helper, editorial medical illustration. Hobbit helper, editorial medical illustration.Hobbit helper, editorial medical illustration.
Hugo, tachnical illustration.Hugo, tachnical illustration. Kollidon coated pill.Kollidon coated pill.
MOA, medical illustration.MOA, medical illustration. Man-cardio illustration.MAn-cardio illustration.
Man, heart and stent.Man, heart and stent. Chest expansion, medical illustration.Chest expansion, medical illustration.
Essure, medical devise, technical illustration.Essure, medical devise, technical illustration. Radiation machine, technical illustration.Radiation machine, technical illustration.
Lenses, medical illustration.Lenses, medical illustration. Oncology lab, technical illustration.Oncology lab, technical illustration.
Pill, medical illustration.Pill, medical illustration. Saeted posture, medical illustration.Saeted posture, medical illustration.
Smooth shapes, technical medical illustration.Smooth shapes, technical medical illustration. Spine, medical illustration.Spine, medical illustration.
Two lenses, sketch illustration.Two lenses, sketch illustration. Skin, cross section medical illustration.Skin, cross section medical illustration.
Sentinel node, medical illustration.Sentinel node, medical illustration. Correct seated postyre, medical illustration.Correct seated postyre, medical illustration.
Correct fitting shoe, technical illustration.Correct fitting shoe, technical illustration. Three views of a spine.Three views of a spine.
Correct walking, medical illustration.Correct walking, medical illustration. Spaniel and skelton.Spaniel and skelton.
Stent, cutaway medical illustration.Stent, cutaway medical illustration. Alcon medical instrument, technical illustration.Alcon medical instrument, technical illustration.
Three cells, medical illustration.Three cells, medical illustration. Zimmer, hip, medical illustration.Zimmer, hip, medical illustration.
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