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Realistic technical illustrations.

Line art in Adobe illustrator, drawing and painting in Adobe Photoshop and Painter.

Cutaway gun

Cutaway realistic illustration of a gun. An article on Ballistics in Scientific American.

AP1 titleist

AP2 titleist

Bordeaux wine barrel

Chateau wine barrel

Cutaway canera

Cutaway realistic caamera illustration.

IROC engine

Aeroquipe coupling.

Mechanical bull. Billboard and poster illustration for Ariat boots.

Martian stress toy, Mine and i really, really need it.

Generic car. This car is painted in photoshop and does not exist as a photograph.

Realistic illustration of a generic engine.

Pioneer bearing illustration.

Overhead view of a bridge.

Drawn to realistic illustration of a CAT truck.

Compass on map illustration.

A doggy diner, this one was near the San Fransisco zoo years ago.

A fuel injector.

Gillette razor

Hugo walker

Marine engineered wood illustration.

On-Star mirror.

power plants.

Realistic painting of a part of hastings, England.

RV chassis illustration.

Nasa, Sofia illustration.

Spacestation and robotic arm.

Realistic cutaway illustration of a speaker.

Technical illustration of a front suspension.

Yokohama truck.


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