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Miscellaneous automotive illustrations.

Concept style illustration of an armrest.

Piston and valves.

4WD demo.

Power transfer 4WD demo.

4WD demo.

8 Way power seat.

Piston and valves.

ABS demo.

front and side airbags.

Angel eyes, headlight unit.


Sound diagram.

Climate control.

Collision detection system.

Crash test dummies.

Direct ignition.

Rear differential.

Disk brake and caliper.

Side impact door beams.

Fuel injector.

GPS graphic.

Fuel injector cross section.

Intake manifold.

Frame structure.

Piston and valves, showinf air flow.

Suplimental restraint system.

Piston valves and camshafts.


Progressive shock absorber.

Rear differential.

ABS diagram

Sound distribution diagram.

Steering cutaway.

Tire and wheel.

Front wheel drive.

Piston and valves.

Piston and valves 2.


Truck/RV chasis.

Overhead sound system, sketch style illustration.

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