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Generic car systems update
Generic car systems update.
FJ Cruiser AD's
A series of ads for the FJ Cruiser
Honda S2000 technical cutaway illustrations.
Honda S2000 technical cutaway illustrations.
Stock automotive parts
Stock automotive parts
Stock automotive vehicles
Stock cutaway cars and trucks, SUV, Crew cab, overhead car, profile car, wire frame car
Toyota Tacoma
Toyota Tacoma Truck illustrations, done in the same style as the FJ Cruiser illustrations that we had done in the previously. Toyota Tacoma, old school style technical drawings.
Cross section engine illustrations for Haggerty.
Cross section engine illustrations for Haggerty.
Honda S2000 drawings
Honda wanted a more drawn approach to the illustrations for the S2000.
Toyota Landcruiser Heritage illustrations
A series of automotive illustration for Toyota Landcruiser. The new Lancruiser Heritage website was being constructed and Toyota needed a time line of Landcruiser images. The challenge here was that most models were either not available to be photographed, or were in too bad a shape to be used. They contacted us and asked us to illustrate the project. Following are the images we created in photoshop, together with the illustrator line art
Land Rover illustrations
Land Rover LR3 concept, collateral, web and press release illustrations. Loose sketchy style automotive illustrations.
Ford Concept illustrations
Ford Motor Company, interior concept illustrations.
Team Toyota illustrations.
Toyota wanted a series of vector illustrations to be printed on sand paper at the Detroit Auto show. The idea was to show how tuff their trucks are. They also used one as a Staff shirt, for the people at the show. Rare for us to do a totally vectored illustration.
BMW technical illustrations.
Part of a series of illustrations for BMW.
VW timeline illustrations.
VW needed Illustration assets for an app that was being put together.
Hummer H3T lifestyle illustrations
A set of automotive illustrations for Hummer H3T. The concept was to show the H3T in its variouse configurations. The final illustrations were used as a poster and postcards at an auto trade show.
Toyota Tundra Illustration
Toyota Tundra Vector illustration
Semi-truck project
We get asked a lot for cutaway commercial vehicles that are available as stock and are non brand specific, here it is.
Snap-on Tools
Snap0n tools wanted a new car for signage video's and packaging.
From stock to custom
From stock illustration to a custom illustration. A client approached us and wanted to highlight their products within a semi truck, the cost to start from scratch would have been well above budget, but we took an existing stock illustration of ours and modified it to the client specs. Below is the final illustration, followed by the original stock image.
Generic SUV, strict EV, cutaway technical illustration.
Generic SUV, strict EV, cutaway technical illustration.
Early Acura illustrations 1998
Acura pre-release teaser illustrations. 1998
Acura MDX technical cutaway.
Acura wanted the mechanicals of their MDX overplayed onto a beauty shot that they provided.
Cars and Dogs
Progressive insurance wanted eight images of cars and dogs for an ad campaign for pet insurance when travelling in a car. It became so popular that they expanded the number and made a poster from it. Later they asked us to do a series of RV's and dogs as a banner for an auoto show. These cars and dogs were all painted in photoshop.
RV Cutaway Recreational Vehicle
Cutaway recreational vehicle. This illustration was done to show the clients superior insulation and build quality of their RV. The illustrations was done so the client could serarate out individual areas.
Hybrid engine cutaway
Hybrid engine cutaway illustration. Designed to show how the engine assist is modular in construction and can be added too as the engineering dictates.
Stock Commercial Vehicles, truck cabs.
A series of truck bodies available for license.
HGV Project final
Heavy goods vehicle full cutaway technical illustration.
Toyota Race Car illustrations
A series of illustration for Toyota. To show their race car involvment.
Cutaway Automotive Engines
Cutaway and ghosted car engines produced for multiple clients.
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