Product illustrations

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Hess toy truck packaging illustrations
Toy packaging box illustrations for Hess
Technical illustration of a yacht.
Technical illustration of a high end yacht, collateral, advertising and web usage.
Multiple Product illustrations.
Product illustration for several clients.
Boosted Board product illustration
A security company wanted some illustrations that emphasize that it it is good connectivity between different parts that makes a product function.
Ariat mechanical Bull
Ariat Boots wanted a cutaway bull for a billboard advertising campaign. Because of the success of the bull campaign they requested that we do a mechanical horse. Below are the illustrations with some of the preliminary work.
The Bicycle Project
The following illustration are part of a series that was done for a book. Exploded, and cutaway technical illustrations.
Restoration Hardware product illustrations
Product illustrations for Restoration Hardware's Christmas Holiday stocking stuffers. Part of the series of illustrations we have done each year for the past five years.
La Prairie Product illustration
La Prairie technical illustration.
MasterCraft X2
Cutaway illustration of the X2 MasterCraft boat.
Webley MkV1 cal.455
Drawing for a poster, Revolver, Wesley Mk V1 Cal .455. Sealed pattern, August 1915
Danner LaCrosse Footwear project.
Danner and LaCrosse, wanted new illustrations, brochure, hang tags Pop, animated web sequence.
HVAC animation asset creation.
HVAC illustrations, these were used by us to facilitate an animation series for Munters HVAC company
Hess first responder toy truck packaging illustrations.
Toy packaging illustrations for Hess
Yakima product and Packaging illustrations.
A series of illustrations for Yakima racks, done over several years of product changes. The object was to make the product have some idea of location.
Product illustrations for Sport Diver Magazine
How to care for your scuba gear, A project for Sport Diver magazine.
Wine Barrel Product illustrations
We believe the finest wines in the world will always be made with exceptionally high quality French oak barrels. Tonnellerie Ô was conceived of and built with a noble vision: to handcraft exquisite French oak barrels essential for making the world's finest wines. Illustrations designed to complement their ethic.
Absolut Vodka product illustrations
Absolut Vodka wanted to produce an illustrated brochure, to show where their logo could be used on various products.
Nike, various projects.
Various golf projects for Nike.
Europress Trash Compactor
Europress trash compactor product illustration.
Compass on map.
Cutaway Power Supply
Cutaway technical illustrations of power supply units.
Gentex Flight Helmet.
Gentex flight helmet, cutaway and exploded style technical illustration.
Jet Boil Stoves
The object was to help show how these stoves can operate under extreme conditions of high wind.
Surelock project
A series of illustrations to show the ease of operation of one of Surelocks hiking poles.
JBL cutaway speaker
Cutaway technical illustration of a speaker for JBL.
Dakota Footwear.
Dakota Boots cutaway and ghosted technical illustrations.
Gortex Shoe Liner.
Gortex liner for a running shoe. technical ghosted illustration.
Rockport Shoes product illustrations.
Illustrations to show the technology behind Rockport shoes.
DeWalt Project
A series of cordless power tool technical drawings.
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