Blueprint style illustrations

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Corporate jets.
Corporate jet.
Nation Parks Conservation Association posters.
The National Parks wanted to create something that would make people take notice of the environmental problems facing the world. It needed to be done in a manner that would appeal , be light hearted but at the same time hammering home very serious problems.
Blueprint Style Infographics.
Blueprint style infographic illustrations.
Royal Tyrell Museum Map.
Royal Tyrrell Museum of Palaeontology needed an orientation map, but they wanted something a little more three dimensional than the usual museum maps.
Fields Project
The idea was to show the growth progression of different commercial crops.
Mattress cutaway illustrations.
Cutaway technical illustration to show the complexity of airflow through a mattress
Project for Maxim
A project for Maxim Magazine, various iconic toys shown as technical drawings, blueprint style.
Soccer stuff
National Geographic wanted an infographic about soccer, these are some of the illustration assets that we were commissioned to supply.
United Technologies poster.
Poster design for United Technologies, "You can hope you have the best employees or you can guarantee it."
The Bicycle Project
The following illustration are part of a series that was done for a book. Exploded, and cutaway technical illustrations.
Mechanical fish.
A cutaway technical illustration to show the mechanical workings of a fish.
GE blueprint project.
A series of illustrations for General Electric, they just had to have a blueprint feel to them.
Cutaway Cat
Cutaway cat, technical illustration. The object was for this digital painting to look hand drawn. Veterinary Clinical Anatomy, Cutaway Cat.
Wetlands, infographics.
A series of illustration about the Wetlands.
T-Mobile project
T-Mobile street scene, opening of a new store front shop.
Wind Turbine cutaway
Wind turbine cutaway technical illustration
Zalain Transformados, water formed tubing
The use of water formed tubing in a vehicle.
Harper college Annual report illustrations
Annual report for Harper College
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