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Talking Trees, a project for National geographic
National Geographic illustration for talking trees
Rabbit Hole distillery wall installation.
Illustration of the distilling process for the Rabbit Hole Distillery in Louisville Kentucky.
Energy and Industrial Info-graphics
Info-graphic and industrial illustrations surrounding the energy markets.
Nation Parks Conservation Association posters.
The National Parks wanted to create something that would make people take notice of the environmental problems facing the world. It needed to be done in a manner that would appeal , be light hearted but at the same time hammering home very serious problems.
Oil Field Trucks, coiler, blender, fracking, etc.
Exxon/Mobil wanted illustrations of oil field trucks, these are used to show where their petroleum products are used in the vehicles.
Fields Project
The idea was to show the growth progression of different commercial crops.
Aviation InfoGraphic illustrations
A series of info graphic illustration for Exxon/Mobil's Aviation division. These were done to explain where their lubricants are used in commercial aircraft. Used in print, web, and as animation assets for videos.
Energy Industry infographics
Part of a series of illustrations to do with the energy market. Infographics and cutaway illustrations used in print, web and trade shows.
Industry Infographics
Part of a series of industry specific info graphic illustration for Exxon/Mobil.
Adjustable sailboat keel
diagram to help explain how an adjustable retractable keel works.
Exxon/Mobil. Oil exploration at sea. A cutaway technical illustration of an FPSO vessel. Illustration used to show exxon/Mobil's lubricant use in a ship.
i-Warehouse, Raymond Storage Concept App.
Toyota's Raymond division wanted assets created for a mobile application they were building. Creation of the base illustrations as well as all spot illustrations and movable icons, etc.
Shallow Lake Reclamation. Infographic illustration.
The three stages in the drawdown of a lake. Ducks Unlimited, Shallow lake reclamation. Draw down of a lake and reclamation of its waters.
Rebreather, infographic illustration.
Infographic editorial illustration about the rebreather dive unit.
Food Infographics.
Food related infographic illustrations.
Blueprint Style Infographics.
Blueprint style infographic illustrations.
Architectural and Construction Infographics.
Various architectural, engineering and construction infographics.
Sculling, a project for Lincoln automotive.
sculling illustration for Lincoln automotive, a project all about team work.
National Conservation Association - NCA, project
The National Confectioners Association - NCA, a series of illustrations that were to look like watercolors.
Renewable energy sources, a project for Exxon/Mobil
Renewable or sustainable energy sources. Trade show display for Exxon/Mobil
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